13 Nov 2020

Statement | Ryan Atkins

Statement | Ryan Atkins

Ryan Atkins has been suspended from all Rugby League activity for three months, after admitting a one-off bet on a game involving his former club Wakefield Trinity. 

Although Atkins was not registered with any professional club when he placed a bet on the outcome of Wakefield’s Super League fixture with Wigan Warriors in September, the fact that he had been registered with Trinity during the previous 12 months meant that he was in breach of the RFL’s ‘Betting and Related Activity Code of Conduct’. 

In reaching its decision the RFL accepted that this was a single bet, placed when Atkins was no longer a Wakefield player and made without using ‘inside’ information. The player cooperated fully with the RFL investigation, having admitted the charge promptly. The sanction imposed reflects these and other mitigating factors, but acknowledges that betting on Rugby League matches by any individual bound by the RFL’s Operational Rules is a strict liability offence. 

Professional players are offered education and support around gambling.

Ryan Atkins has asked the RFL to publish the following statement: 

I regret placing the bet, and if I could wind back the clock, I would not have done so. I’d like to thank the RFL for the fair decision and York City Knights for their support and standing by me during this difficult time.

I look forward to meeting up with the squad early February and paying back that support.