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A message for Harry Gration

A message for Harry Gration

From the RFL's Simon Johnson (Chair) and Ralph Rimmer (CEO)


We’re writing to you on behalf of the Rugby Football League, and the sport of Rugby League, for a number of reasons.

First, to congratulate you on your outstanding career with the BBC – you have been a familiar presence for tens of thousands of Rugby League players and supporters on the east of the Pennines, and as a game, we are grateful for the enthusiasm you have shown consistently for reflecting the importance of Rugby League to the people of Yorkshire.

But of course your relationship with the sport runs much deeper than that, as a former RFL employee, and also the presenter for so long of the Super League Show.

It is on that basis, and in the knowledge that you will have an awful lot of congratulatory messages to read, that we conclude, simply: Enjoy Your Rugby League – We Do!

On behalf of all our clubs and officials, you will always be welcome, at any of our venues and big matches.

Simon Johnson (Chair) and Ralph Rimmer (CEO)

Rugby Football League