15 May 2020

Lockdown and Clean Sport Week – a message to Rugby League players

Lockdown and Clean Sport Week – a message to Rugby League players

Next week is Clean Sport Week – UK Anti-Doping’s annual focus on the importance of celebrating drug-free sport.

“Lockdown doesn’t mean anti-doping stops,” UKAD explain in their introduction to this year’s campaign. “In fact it means quite the opposite.”

As ever, the RFL is right behind UKAD in conveying these messages to all players – male and female, amateur and professional.

Watch out for some key figures from England Rugby League when the campaign kicks off next Monday.

But before that, the RFL offers the following signposting for players and support staff in respect of staying fit, well, and Clean.


As a player in the Community or Professional game you are subject to the RFL Operational Rules and Anti-Doping Rules. In this period you may need to take medication for Covid19 or may feel that supplements will aid your training and return to play.

Players should continue to follow the same due diligence when prescribed any medication either for coronavirus or any other illness or medical condition:

  1. Check the status of the medication using Global DRO -
  2. If the prescribed medication is prohibited (or if unsure) the player should first speak to their team doctor or UKAD for further advice
  3. Players considered in the National TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) Pool are still required to submit TUE request to UKAD in advance of treatment

Whilst the return to playing is something which we are all looking forward to please be sure to work towards your fitness in a safe and Clean manner. This will ensure you can play when Rugby League activity returns and not face a potential ban from sport.

If you choose to take supplements as you deem it necessary, you should minimise the risk of ingesting prohibited substances by checking your products on Remember this does not completely eradicate the risk, so ask yourself is this necessary and remind yourself that you are responsible for any substance found in your system. Be proud to say everything you achieve is ‘100% me’.

There are useful links and more information on the RFL Website and upcoming education on anti-doping and other educational areas on ouRLearning Zone for both professional and community participants.

You can access ouRLearning zone here