27th February 2020, 11:35 | Barrow

Barrow Raiders announce radical plans to boost crowds in 2020

Barrow Raiders announce radical plans to boost crowds in 2020

Betfred League 1 side Barrow Raiders have announced a series of groundbreaking plans to help improve their crowds, despite suffering relegation from the Betfred Championship last year.

In a detailed video message released on social media, the club's Board of Directors revealed a series of new incentives to attend, with a focus on attracting youngsters to games.

"We've been around ever single school in South Cumbria and every single kid has got a free season ticket in their hands - and if not yet they will have one before the Coventry game," they said.

"We're also doing an offer to encourage parents to feed their kids when they get to the ground - any parent who brings two kids along can have a free £5 hot food voucher once inside.

"But we need someone to bring them - if you bring ten kids the adult can come for free, so if you're a minis rugby team with a couple of coaches, bring 20 kids and you're in free.

"If you're a scout group, a school teacher or anything - you can bring 30 kids and bring three adults for free.

"We want people in this ground, we're prepared to take a little loss in terms of admission, we just want this place buzzing.

"We want a new generation of supporters.

"And we're not stopping there - we're going to try to have a curtain raiser before every single game this season - maybe a couple of curtain raisers or a festival of rugby day.

"If you - as an adult - can get yourself in this ground before the curtain raisers start, you can come in for free. You can come in for free if you want a full day of rugby - we want this ground buzzing.

"The board are absolutely determined to fill this ground - join us on the journey - the bounceback in 2020."

Barrow's radical plans to boost crowds in 2020:

  • Free season tickets delivered to kids in every south Cumbrian school
  • Free £5 food voucher for parent who brings two kids
  • One Free adult admission per ten kids brought
  • Aiming to have curtain raisers before every home game
  • Free admission for all if arriving before curtain raiser

Find out more at: barrowrlfc.com.