6th February 2020, 13:59 | disciplinary

Disciplinary | Match Review Panel

Disciplinary | Match Review Panel

Following the latest round of Championship, Reserve, Academy and warm-up fixtures, the Match Review Panel have issued the following sanctions: 

Nick Glohe (Leigh) – Grade A Dangerous Throw – 0 Match Penalty Notice

Kenneth Baker (Widnes) – Grade B Dangerous Contact – 1 Match Penalty Notice

Lloyd White (Toulouse) – Grade C Kicking – 2 Match Penalty Notice

Joseph Shorrocks (Wigan) – Grade D Dangerous Contact – Refer to Tribunal

Albert Kelly (Hull FC) – Grade C Dangerous Throw – 2 Match Penalty Notice

Zachary Johnson (Hunslet) – Grade E Dangerous Throw – Refer to Tribunal 

Match Review Panel Minutes February 6