5 Aug 2019

Disciplinary | Match Review Panel

Disciplinary | Match Review Panel

Following the latest round of Betfred Super League fixtures, the Match Review Panel have issued the following sanctions: 

  • Adam Walne (Huddersfield) - Grade B Dangerous Contact - 1 match penalty notice
  • Dan Sarginson (Wigan) - Grade A Dangerous Contact - 0 Match Penalty Notice
  • Brayden Williame (Catalans) - Grade B Dangerous Throw - 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Mickael Simon (Catalans) - Grade A Head Butt - 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Chris Hill (Warrington) - Grade A Punching - 0 Match Penalty Notice
  • Tom Lineham (Warrington) - Grade A strikes with shoulder - 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Kenny Edwards (Catalans) - Grade A strikes with knee - 0 match penalty notice
  • Sam Tomkins (Catalans) - Grade C punching - 3 match Penalty Notice
  • Michael McIlorum (Catalans) - Grade B high tackle - 1 Match Penalty Notice
  • Kenny Edwards (Catalans) - Grade C - other contrary behaviour - refer to tribunal*

The following players have been issued with cautions:

  • Joseph Paulo (St Helens) - Other Contrary Behaviour
  • Adam O’Brien (Huddersfield) - Dangerous Contact
  • Michael McIlorum (Catalans) - Other Contrary Behaviour
  • Kenny Edwards (Catalans) - Running in
  • Tom Lineham (Warrington) - Running in
  • David Mead (Catalans) - Running in

 Match Review Panel minutes


*In respect of the Kenny Edwards Other Contrary Behaviour Charge, the Match Review Panel elected to refer this to the Operational Rules Tribunal under section 3.4 of the Sentencing Guidelines.
The rationale behind this is that, due to the obscure nature of the charge, and there being no comparable evidence in which for the Panel to compare, it was deemed appropriate to issue a direct referral for consideration rather than issue a Penalty Notice.

The offence occurred on the pitch and therefore has been charged under the Onfield Sentencing Guidelines.

The off field, crowd misconduct case has been opened separate to this charge and will be dealt with by a compliance investigator.