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Independent External Evaluation of the Board

Independent External Evaluation of the Board

The Rugby Football League are to seek an additional Non-Executive Director, following an Independent External Evaluation of the Board conducted over the last six months.

The vacancy will be advertised in July, along with the position as Chair that will become vacant when Brian Barwick steps down at the meeting of the Rugby League Council on July 24.

As previously confirmed, following the Council meeting, Simon Johnson, currently the Senior Non-Executive Director, will act as Interim Chair pending the appointment of the new Chair.

The Independent External Evaluation has been conducted by Seamus Gillen of Value Alpha, a specialist advisory firm which works with boards, directors and company secretaries to embed high-quality governance.

In a foreword to the Value Alpha report Phil Smith, Sport England’s Director of Sport, says: “In embarking on such a thorough independent board evaluation and devising a clear action plan, the Rugby Football League is recognising that robust governance extends well beyond strict compliance with the Code for Sports Governance. It embraces scrutiny, check and challenge on the skills, experience and ways of working of the Board and it looks at governance ‘in the round’. 

“This commitment of senior time and resources will enable the Rugby Football League Board, and the executive team it supports and guides, to look to the future with increased clarity of purpose.  The Rugby Football League has recognised the value of challenging itself.  In publishing the evaluation and action plan, it has demonstrated its commitment to transparency and a culture of continuous learning and improvement – which is at the heart of strong and confident governance.   

“This is a significant development which will make the Rugby Football League Board best able to excel in the role it has now and more importantly, be fit for a future which includes the Rugby League World Cup in 2021.”

The RFL Board currently comprises three Non-Executive Directors (Simon Johnson, Chris Brindley and Chris Hurst), in addition to the Chair (Brian Barwick), the RFL Chief Executive Ralph Rimmer, and the RFL’s Chief Regulatory Officer Karen Moorhouse, who is also Company Secretary.

The appointment of a fourth NED will therefore increase the size of the Board to seven members – but the Board has determined that it will be made at no additional cost through a revision of the Chair’s role, with additional responsibilities spread across the directors.

Also in line with the recommendations, the Board will work with the appointed recruitment agency, to ensure that candidates are attracted who would increase the diversity of the Board.

Independent External Evaluation of the Board