30th May 2019, 11:57 | disciplinary

Disciplinary | Match Review Panel

Disciplinary | Match Review Panel

After reviewing the latest round of Championship, League One and Academy fixtures, the Match Review Panel have issued the following sanctions: 

Robbie Ward (Dewsbury) – Grade B Dangerous Contact – 2 Match Penalty Notice

Sammy Kibula (Dewsbury) – Grade A Punching – 0 Match Penalty Notice

Robert Tuilatu (London Skolars) – Grade A Dangerous Contact – 0 Match Penalty Notice

Ronaldo Palumbo (London Skolars) – Grade B Dangerous Contact – 1 Match Penalty Notice

James McDonnell (Wigan) – Grade A Disputes Decision – 0 Match Penalty Notice

Nathan Wilde (Wigan) – Grade B Questioning Integrity of Match Official – 1 Match Penalty Notice

Levy Nzoungou (Hull FC) – Grade C Dangerous Contact – 2 Match Penalty Notice

The following player was issued with a caution:

Kameron Pearce Paul (Coventry) - Trip

Match Review Panel Minutes May 30