25th April 2019, 14:45 | disciplinary

Disciplinary | Match Review Panel

Disciplinary | Match Review Panel

After reviewing the latest rounds of Championship, League One and Academy fixtures, the Match Review Panel have issued the following sanctions:

Adam Jones (Swinton) – Grade A High Tackle – 0 Match Penalty Notice

Wayne Reattie (Batley) – Grade B Shoulder Charge – 1 Match Penalty Notice

Jack Bussey (Featherstone) – Grade A Head Butt – 1 Match Penalty Notice

Jack Downs (Batley) – Grade D Strikes with Forearm/Elbow – Refer to Tribunal 

Ben Hardcastle (Keighley)– Grade C High Tackle – 2 Match Penalty Notice

Dan Hawksworth (Hunslet) – Grade A Punching – 0 Match Penalty Notice

The following players received cautions:  

Olsi Krasniqi (Toronto) – Dangerous Contact

Scott Moore (Rochdale) – High Tackle

Michael Knowles (Dewsbury) – Dissent

The following player's sending off was deemed sufficient: 

Connor Farrell (Bradford) – Use of Elbow


Match Review Panel Minutes April 25