2nd April 2019, 10:56 | 

Nottingham Outlaws join Masters family

Nottingham Outlaws join Masters family

Nottingham Outlaws took their first steps in Masters Rugby League at the weekend as they welcomed fellow Midlanders, NEW Ravens Masters from Birmingham, to their impressive Lenton Lane ground.

The Outlaws had an excellent turnout for the first game with 16 lads on the pitch and a couple more in the enthusiastic group of spectators.

The game was the culmination of weeks of discussions between Ravens' Andrew Cave and Outlaws' Andrew Shaw.

"The Outlaws lads went from being apprehensive about playing a modified form of rugby league to asking about how they get on the GB Masters tour to Australia. I’ve never seen lads laugh as much on a Rugby League field," Andrew Shaw enthused.

The game itself proved to be a great success with some excellent Rugby League played in the true spirit of Masters. NEW Ravens contributed greatly to the Outlaws introduction to Masters. The Outlaws players coped well with the Masters modifications, helped along by experienced Masters referee, Paul Field.

The honour of scoring Outlaws first ever Masters try went to Outlaws sponsor Rich Buck of MJR Group as the game finished in the traditional Masters 0-0 draw.

Craig Carter, now appointed Nottingham Outlaws Masters Head Coach: "We had Nick Robb playing his first game in 29 years since sustaining a career ending injury. And Chris Eagling at 41 year old playing his first ever game of rugby together with several legendary Nottingham Outlaws ex players."

After the game Outlaws, Andrew Shaw, was in positive mood: "We are all looking forward to the return game at NEW Ravens."

Masters Rugby League in the Midlands is in good hands!

Outlaws have now added Masters to their two open age teams, their Womens team and their Juniors.