17th February 2019, 09:00 | Wigan

The Players' Record: Oliver Gildart World Club Challenge

The Players' Record: Oliver Gildart World Club Challenge

Wigan Warriors. Five-Time World Champions. That sounds good!

It’s not anything personal, I just want to be the best centre in the league.

Every week, I look at it as trying to be the best centre on the field – it’s how I’ve always been – Super League has added a few more centres into the game and I’ve got to test myself against them. 

The new signings will make this competition better – I dodged a bullet last week – I did well to avoid Konrad Hurrell, I think he got Zak instead though. 

It’s our nature to be so competitive, to test ourselves against the best and at the moment Latrell Mitchell is one of the best. 

It would have been good to play against him, we first met when I was playing against the Australian schoolboys – that was tough – we swapped shirts and followed each other on Instagram, and we’ve followed each other’s journey since. 

We’re playing against the best NRL side, so even without Latrell, whoever plays, they’re going to be a big challenge too.

I remember the first World Club Challenge vividly – that was pretty scary – I was 19 and I think I’d played six or seven games the year before and the Grand Final. 

I was playing on the wing against Brisbane Broncos, and honestly, I didn’t have the best of games at all and we got hammered. 

And then, in 2017, we played Cronulla Sharks, they were better memories – they’ll stay with me for the rest of my life - I remember scoring a try and us winning 22-6, and I remember how much it meant to the fans. 

Before that game, I don’t think I truly understood how much the World Club Challenge meant to the fans, for the town it was massive. 

I mean to say you’re the best in the world is something special, no matter what it’s at. 

We’d beat an NRL side, and we were the best in the world. 

I think as a player, it’s probably one of the biggest things you can win. 

Sunday will be a tough battle and I can’t wait to get to step-out at the DW Stadium. 

For Wigan, we’ll take it as if we’re playing a Super League side. 

They’re coming over here, playing with our referees, it’s not the NRL, and we’re going to bring it like we do in Super League. 

It’ll be completely different to how they play over there, albeit, a lot of it will depend on the weather. 

At the moment, it’s not outside backs weather, so we’ve got to work hard on the other side of the game, and I still haven’t scored! 

Hopefully I can get one this weekend and we can get the win.

Wigan Warriors. Five-Time World Champions. That sounds good!

See you tonight, Gilly!