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Masters Rugby League honoured to honour the fallen

Masters Rugby League honoured to honour the fallen


The continuous rain couldn't dampen the pride and honour of those representing Masters Rugby League at Sunday's City of Leeds Remembrance Day Parade.

Sixteen players from across Masters Rugby were honoured to have been invited by the Lord Mayor of Leeds to represent Rugby League and the 101 players from the old Northern Union, who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives during the WW1 conflict, in the Remembrance Day Parade and laying of a wreath at the Cenotaph.

The invitation to represent Masters Rugby League and Rugby League in general in the City of Leeds Remembrance Day Parade, came about following a trip to Perpignan, France, earlier in the year, where a Masters touring party were invited to lay a wreath at the Jean Gallia memorial outside the Stade Jean Gallia, Ille sur Tet in commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of the end of the First World War (1918-2018).

Quite rightly, the honour of leading the parading Masters and laying the wreath at the Cenotaph went to Master’s oldest player - Jimmy Airnes (82), from Blackpool.  Jimmy served in the Black Watch and was wearing his Masters Shirt and his Black Watch beret with upmost pride. 

(Masters Rugby Chairman; John Wroe and Jimmy Airnes at the Cenotaph)

Following the parade and laying of the wreath, the Masters representatives regathered at the cenotaph to carry out a reading of the names of the 101 Northern Union players, who laid down their lives for their country during the Great War.


  • Charles John Baxter
  • George Wishart
  • Robert Topping
  • Jim Flanagan
  • Richard James Brough
  • Samuel William Jarman
  • Billy Unsworth
  • Charles Batty
  • Robert Randerson
  • Jimmy Sanders
  • Harry Ward
  • Harry Cartwright
  • Harold Ruck
  • Leonard Leckenby
  • Sam Whittaker
  • George Crabtree
  • James Simpson
  • Sidney Clifford Abbott
  • William Nanson
  • John Daley
  • Harry Basil Wray
  • Joseph Henry Hopkins
  • William Jardine
  • Ezra Gee
  • Howell Rees
  • Arthur Llewellyn
  • Fred Holbrooke
  • John Flynn
  • Arthur Turner
  • Belfred Ward
  • Herbert Mills
  • William Lever
  • John Wilkinson
  • David Harkness Blakey
  • Thomas Owen
  • Thomas Neen
  • George William Midgley
  • John Robert Pickles
  • Danny Shannon
  • Albert Sanderson
  • Jack Flynn
  • H.E. Bannister
  • John Stott
  • Harold White
  • John Ewart
  • J. Harkness
  • Thomas Wainman
  • Thomas Williams
  • Jimmy Greenwood
  • L. Farrar
  • Arthur Douglas West
  • William Wallwork
  • Arnold Nettleton
  • B. Thorpe
  • Walter Roman
  • Ernie Stephenson
  • Fred Longstaff
  • N. Parker
  • John Twigg
  • Herbert Shadlock
  • Edward Haigh
  • George Pickard
  • Charles Burton
  • Arthur Cockroft
  • Joe Taylor
  • G.R. White
  • Ernest West
  • William Parkes
  • John Hirst
  • Harry Bilsbury
  • Peter Okell
  • W.L. Beattie
  • Jack Harrison MC, VC.
  • Ernest Doorey
  • Harold Whitfield
  • Herbert Finnigan
  • Alf Taylor
  • Frank Ganley
  • John Ashley
  • George Thomas
  • Phil Thomas
  • Ben Lloyd
  • David Preston
  • John Stuntz
  • Ernest Vincent Brearley
  • Ralph Makin
  • Fred Hope
  • Ernest Swinton
  • Robert Chisholm
  • Paddy O’Neill
  • Ernest Cheetham
  • Lewis Bradley
  • Arthur Croft
  • Ben Summer
  • George Thom
  • Mark Kay
  • Jim Threlfall
  • Thomas Williams
  • Thomas Henry Tillotson
  • Jim Tobin
  • Sydney Turtill 

Confirmation has since been received from the Lord Mayor of Leeds office that Masters Rugby League will be invited to the City of Leeds Remembrance Day Parade in 2019 and it is hoped that Masters Rugby can show its respects and gratitude to the fallen in other cities across the country.

To find out more or get involved with Masters Rugby League, email Paul Field on mastersrugbyleague@gmail.com.