16th October 2018, 11:00 | Hullkr

Hull KR's Red Army Roar

Hull KR's Red Army Roar

Hull KR have released a video with Coronation Street star Mikey North who plays 'Gary Windass' in the ITV soap. 

North recites a poem called 'The Red Army Roar,' which details the unique make-up of Hull KR and its supporters. 

The Red Army Roar:

"That famous Red Army Roar, 

Just 17 men, but with you we're more, 

an army, united in our belief, 

a team, a dream, a passion which is unique, 

we're not like other clubs, 

we do things our way, 

standing tall, shoulder to shoulder, 

through the thick and the thin, 

we never give in, 

brothers and sisters in arms, 

marching forward with passion for our tribe, 

we don't believe what we read, 

Hull Kingston Rovers are all that we need, 

we fight to the end, 

and never give up, 

in games, in love and the passion for our club, 

it's time to rise again, and hear that famous red army roar,

in 2019 we go together once more."