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Rugby Football League launches major youth game review

Rugby Football League launches major youth game review

12-18 Review - Have Your Say.

A major review into the challenges and opportunities for the youth game is underway with additional ways for everyone in the sport to share their views.

The 12-18 Review and campaign is headed up by Paul Sculthorpe MBE and facilitated by the Rugby Football League on behalf of all clubs at all levels.

Paul Sculthorpe said: "I encourage all of us with strong views and ideas about the sport at these age groups to get involved.

"Especially players, former players, coaches, parents and volunteers in different roles. Together we can check that all of us are doing everything we can to help young players stay in the sport and reach their potential. I look forward to seeing a big response from across the game."

Links to the consultations are being issued directly to players, club leaders, and volunteers in clubs and in education, and can be accessed via rugby-league.com/yourgame-yoursay.

Contributions are also invited via email using 12-18Review@rfl.co.uk.

Other events and activities are taking place with clubs and Foundations.

Ralph Rimmer, Interim Chief Executive, the Rugby Football League said: "We all care about the sport. We love it. 12-18-year-old players are the future of Rugby League. The 12-18 Review is all about them, so that all young people enjoy their Rugby League in competitions and environments that meet their needs.

"All sports, especially team sports, need to continually flex and innovate. It's one of the largest consultations ever undertaken in the sport and a constructive and collaborative way to look at the issues and opportunities and act on them together."