15th March 2018, 11:27 | wheelchair

Wheelchair RL boasts growth for 2018

Wheelchair RL boasts growth for 2018

2018 has seen an encouraging growth in the number of UK-based Wheelchair RL clubs.

Four more clubs join the league structure for the coming season, as Mancunians, Glasgow, Dundee and Bradford get set for competitive action, while there has been a 46 per cent increase in teams now involved in Wheelchair RL, thanks to a number of clubs now hosting second teams.

The Rugby Football League has also worked to produce a revised playing structure for 2018, including an all-new Plate competition, giving every team the opportunity to play competitive games and continue to grow and improve, while opening up the chances of winning silverware to more teams.

The talent pathway to the England side has also been revised, now formally led by Dave Elliott from the England Performance Department.

Commenting at the launch with a focus on growing the number of Match Officials in the Wheelchair game, Steve Abel, Match Officials Development and Appointments Officer, said: "This is a very exciting time for wheelchair officials and we are going to put plans in place to recruit and develop Wheelchair RL Match Officials.

"Realistically, a new Match Official could be officiating in a World Cup final in 2021!"

If interested in getting started, please contact steve.refabel@gmail.com.

The picture below is of the 2018 Wheelchair Season Launch took place in Hull on Saturday with three first team players from Hull FC in attendance to carry out the Challenge cup draw, while trying out their Wheelchair Rugby League skills - which proved very challenging!

Wheelchair RL Season Launch