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22 Dec 2021

Ryan Sutton returns for pre-season

Former Wigan Warriors star Ryan Sutton heads into his fourth pre-season training down under. The Canberra Raiders man has clocked over 40 appearances since joining the side.

"Back training for the first time in a long time. How are you feeling?”

Ryan Sutton: Yeah, I'm good, refreshed, ten weeks off was a good long time and I think it was good for us. We're almost forgetting about what happened last year and now it's just about concentrating on the year ahead. I think it will be really good I think the boys are refreshed. Everyone's training really hard, so it's exciting to get back into it.

"This will be your fourth pre-season here, what are you expecting this time around?" 

Ryan Sutton: It looks a little bit different, I think it's come at a good time, I think a little bit of a change. We’ve had Nige for the last three years who was really good for us but Jeremy coming in now I think changes a little bit of the training and conditioning side of it and in the gym. I think it will be good because the games changed a lot since I’ve been here in the four years.”