27 Oct 2021

Blue shorts for octogenarian Brian

Blue shorts for octogenarian Brian

Very few Masters Rugby League players can say they have worn the light blue shorts of 80 and overs!

Following the first-ever Masters blue shorter, Blackpool’s Jim Airnes, Eastmoor Dragons Master Brian Rishworth received his blue Masters shorts from Masters Treasurer and Referee Lead, Paul Field, prior to Sunday’s game at home to local neighbours Stanley Rangers.

“I just want to continue to play Masters and to enjoy myself for as long as possible,” Brian said. 

He also joked: “The blue shorts are just the same as gold and green. What’s the next short colour?”

Both teams formed a guard of honour for Brian as he swapped his green shorts for blue and, after an enduring Masters game, he was once again centre stage as Eastmoor presented him with a commemorative trophy and ball signed by all the players from both teams on the day.

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