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18 Mar 2020

Covid-19 Coronavirus | Community Board

Covid-19 Coronavirus | Community Board

Rugby Football League Statement | Covid-19 Coronavirus

Following meetings with the Super League, Championship and League 1 clubs, the RFL Chief Executive Ralph Rimmer today chaired a meeting of the game's Community Board.

"As with our meetings with Super League Europe on Monday, and the Championship and League 1 clubs yesterday, it was a chance to bring all sections of the Community Game up to date with the current situation regarding Covid-19 and to listen to their concerns and suggestions.

"Our Community clubs and other organisations are the bedrock of the sport, and they will be significantly affected by the current situation - as will competitions such as the Warners Champion Schools, and the Sky Try programme, which have helped to get so many children involved with Rugby League in recent years.

"As with the Super League, Championship and League 1 clubs, our concern is to help the Community Game come through the crisis and continue to fulfil their crucial roles in helping the sport grow and thrive in local communities including schools, colleges and universities.

"We are already speaking to our partners at Sport England who are keen to provide additional support to grassroots clubs; and the RFL will work with clubs to explain to our partners the impact of the current suspension - and how we ensure the game emerges on the far side in a position to continue to grow and thrive again.

"Our Development team also outlined some of the ways we plan to use Rugby League as a force for good through the crisis, in terms of promoting physical and mental health to our players and supporters. A range of mental fitness resources for all adults and children in the community is being launched, alongside skills and fitness resources and classic games to watch together on Our League.

"It was another constructive meeting as the sport of Rugby League continues to stress the importance of responding in a collegiate and united way to these unprecedented times. I'd like to thank all the delegates, the majority of them volunteers, for underlining again their fantastic commitment to our game.

"The welfare of everyone involved, the sustainability of the clubs and getting ready for the return of the sport is key now and over the weeks ahead."

The Community Board consists of representatives from Armed Forces Rugby League, BARLA, Tier 4, Tier 5 Adult (which includes Men, Women, Wheelchair and Masters) Tier 5 Youth and Junior, Universities, Schools Rugby League, Foundations and a Participants representative.

The RFL joined other sports this afternoon (18 March) on a further call with DCMS to press the case for support for the sport and the sports sector.