10th December 2015, 10:38 | 

League Statement: Dual Registration

League Statement: Dual Registration

Good morning

Thank you to all of you for voting on the dual registration proposal. This vote was 26-20 in favour of the proposal being adopted.

It would seem that the majority of clubs are in favour of working to bring back those players currently caught in a no-man’s land between being an amateur and a player with a professional contract who is not being required to play for his professional club. These players are your former players who I think we can all agree we want to see playing the game at some level, and in that instance what better place to do that than with the friends they were brought up to play alongside.

The NCL Management Committee is fully committed to ensuring that our doors are open to all players that wish to play our great game and that we maximise the opportunity of participation at all levels. We firmly believe that we have drafted workable agreement with the RFL Championship Clubs that will be particularly beneficial to the amateur clubs and players over the years to come.

However we also recognise that we do not work outside our Constitution and on such an issue as this, and although there is a small majority in favour of the proposal, the NCL Management Committee has decided that the Dual Registration Proposal will now be put forward at the AGM in January for the clubs to then vote on whether this proposal is adopted within the Operational Rules.

Hopefully as clubs, you will further consider the Dual Registration proposal and the overall benefits it can bring to the game as a whole.



Trevor P. Hunt
Chair of the Kingstone press National Conference League