live action...

Toulouse  40-28    FT

Hornets  12-38  Lions  FT

Bulldogs  12-12  Rams

Stags  0-68  Bulls  FT

Crusaders  42-6  Bears  FT

Hunslet  86-0  

Whitehaven  26-18  Knights  FT

Town  38-18  Thunder  FT

Cougars  26-18  Skolars  FT

Operational Rules

The Tiers 1-3 Operational Rules bind all participants of the professional game.

Where applicable they should be read in conjunction with the RFL’s Articles of Association, the Laws of the Game and the Rules and Regulations of any body the RFL is a member of (being the Rugby League International Federation and the Rugby League European Federation).

The Operational Rules covers all elements of the game including Club Obligations and League Structure, Grounds and Facilities, Financial Matters (including Salary Cap), Broadcasting and Sponsorship Rights, Competition Rules, Players and Registrations, obligations of Persons subject to the Operational Rules, Match Officials and Agents, Disciplinary and Anti-Doping, Safeguarding, Welfare, Medical and Arbitration and includes a full set of appendices relevant to each section.

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Key areas of the Operational Rules

Salary Cap Regulations

Financial Sustainability

Betting Integrity