Postponements U12s

4/3/2-17 shaw cross dearne valley bulldogs 4/3/2017 postponed due to water logged pitch
4/3/2017 batley boys wyke 4/3/2017 postponed due to water logged pitch
4/3/2017 drighlington odsel 4/3/2017 postponed due to water logged pitch
4/3/2017 North Leeds Leopards Thornhill Trojans 4/3/2017 postponed due to water logged pitch
4/3/2017 Swillington West Bowling 4/3/2017 Due to bad weather
05/3/17 huddersfield Odsal 11/03/17 lack of numbers
12/03/17 Illingworth Brighouse Rangers 18/03/17 lack of numbers
14/03/17 North Leeds Loepards Brighouse 18/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 milford Marlins stanningley 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 Dearne Valley bulldogs Heworth 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 Irish Clovers west bowling 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 lock lane featherstone Lions 25/03/17 cup game
18/3/17 Odsal North Leeds Leopards 25/03/17 cup game
18/3/17 BYe Batley Boys 25/03/17 cup game
18/3/17 Huddersfield St.Joe Brighouse 25/03/17 cup game
18/3/17 Thornhill trojans Driglington 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 kippax Bye 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 east Leeds Oulton Raiders 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 Silsden Strom Thornhill Trojan Warriors 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 Farnley Newsome 25/03/17 cup gamw
18/03/17 Bye Eastmoor 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 Doncaster Toll bar Keighley Albion 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 brotherton Bentley 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 Illingworth Wyke 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 Thornhill Trojans Driglington 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 Huddersfield St.joes brighouse 25/03/17 cup game
18/03/17 Wyke Thornhill Trojans 18/03/17 water logged pitch


25.1 Teams will be allowed to postpone 2 league fixtures (1 in each half of the season) and this must not be against the same team.

25.2 If a postponement is not used in the first half of the season it cannot be carried over to the second half.

25.3 Any team wishing to postpone a league fixture or other organised game shall make the application on the correct Official Request Form not later than 9pm on Tuesday preceding the fixture.  The form must be with the Fixture Secretary and Fixture Co-ordinator to count (this can be done electronically).  If it fails to do so then it shall be fined £10 and forfeit the match to the opposing team with a score of 18-0 against.