Yorkshire Juniors Under 9s Fines

C81 20/09/2017 Emley Moor £5.00 No Team Sheet V Methley 10/09/2017
C83 20/09/2017 Batley Boys £5.00 No text V Hemsworth 17/09
C85 20/09/2017 Leeds Underdogs £10.00 Unfulfilled fixture V Cowling no PP paperwork submitted advised opposition by text
C86 24/09/2017 Lock Lane £5.00 No team sheet V Cutsyke 24/09
C87 24/09/2017 Normanton £5.00 No team sheet V Fev Lions 17/09
C88 24/09/2017 York Acorn £5.00 No team Sheet V Bradford Dudley Hill
C89 24/09/2017 Swillington £5.00 No team sheet V Whinmoor 17/09
C90 24/09/2017 Methley Warriors £5.00 No team sheet V Guiseley 17/09
C91 24/09/2017 Wyke £5.00 No team sheet V Garforth 17/09
C92 24/09/2017 Featherstone Lions £10.00 Unfulfilled fixture V Lindley Swifts, refused to travel due to player numbers
C93 01/10/2017 East Leeds £5.00 No team sheet V Heworth 24/9
C94 01/10/2017 Swillington £5.00 No team sheet V York Acorn 24/09
C95 01/10/2017 Birkenshaw Blue Dogs £10.00 Unfulfilled fixture V West Bowling
C96 01/10/2017 Lock Lane £5.00 No text V Shaw Cross 01/10
C97 01/10/2017 Shaw Cross £5.00 No text V Lock Lane 01/10
C98 03/10/2017 Hemsworth £10.00 Game default 4th PP in the season 08/10 V west Bowling
C99 04/10/2017 Dewsbury Moor £10.00 Late PP V Cowling received Wednesday
C100 05/10/2017 York Acorn £10.00 Game default, refusing to play new fixture which was on the website prior to the Wednesday deadline
C101 07/10/2017 Sharlston Rovers £5.00 No team sheet V Swillington 01/10
C102 07/10/2017 Methley Warriors £5.00 No team sheet V Bramley 01/10
C103 07/10/2017 Hemsworth Dragons £5.00 No team sheet V Lindley Swifts 01/10
C104 07/10/2017 Lock Lane £5.00 No team sheet V Shaw Cross 01/10
C105 08/10/2017 Farnley Falcons £5.00 No text V Fev Lions 08/10
C106 08/10/2017 Featherstone Lions £5.00 No text V Farnely 08/10
C107 08/10/2017 Thornhill Trojans £10.00 Game default, 2nd half of the season PP already used
C108 Cancelled
C109 09/10/2017 Bradford Dudley Hill £10.00 Game default, already used PP for the season
C110 12/09/2017 Whinmoor £10.00 Game fault, refused to play new fixture on website
C111 15/10/2017 East Leeds £5.00 No team sheet V Drighlington 08/10
C112 15/10/2017 Lock Lane £5.00 No team sheet V Stanningley 08/10

Payment of Fines

Payments are due the last monday of the following month the fine has been allocated, payments can be made online to: YJYARL FINES Sort Code 40-45-11 Account No 42284618 or a cheque to the League Treasurer.

Failure to make the payment within this timescale will result in some teams fixtures being cancelled and the fine will be doubled.