Yorkshire Juniors Under 12s Fines

F4 06/05/17 Farnley £5 No score uploaded
F6 20/05/17 Farnley £5 no team sheet 6/05/17
F7 20/05/17 West Bowling £5 no score uploaded
F8 20/05/17 EastLeeds £5 no score uploaded
F9 20/05/17 Farnley £5 no score uploaded
F12 20/05/17 Farnley £5 team sheet unreadable
F13 20/05/17 Eastmoor £5 No score uploaded
F14 10/06/17 West Bowling £5 no score uploaded
F15 10/06/17 Illingworth £5 no score up loaded
F16 17/06/17 illingworth £5 no score uploaded
F17 17/06/17 eastmoor £5 No score uploaded
F18 17/06/17 King cross £10 late pp

Payment of Fines

Payments are due the last monday of the following month the fine has been allocated, payments can be made online to: YJYARL FINES Sort Code 40-45-11 Account No 42284618 or a cheque to the League Treasurer.

Failure to make the payment within this timescale will result in some teams fixtures being cancelled and the fine will be doubled.