North Wales Masters play first-ever game

18th April 2017, 09:19


North Wales Masters play first-ever game

While in East Yorkshire, Hull Dockers hosted Leeds Masters on Easter Sunday, it was in Colwyn Bay in Wales that history was made as the North Wales Buccaneers played their very first Masters game.

Masters Steering Group's North West rep, Paul Ogden, has mentored the North Wales side and invited a group of experienced Masters to provide opposition and support.

Masters from Wigan St Jude's, Leyland, Crosfields, Blackpool, Siddal and Ossett turned out on the day.

Buccaneers' organiser Howard Sykes was enthusiastic: "It really has been a wonderful day. We are keen to take the Buccaneers forward."

The game was played in great spirit with the experienced Masters helping the Buccaneers' players out with players and with the laws of the game. The success of the day could be gauged by the smiles and laughter during the game and afterwards as the players gathered for a well-deserved beer.

Masters moves next Saturday to Cockermouth for the Cumbria Festival.

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