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Whitehaven  0-0  Doncaster

Stags  0-8  Crusaders

Bulls  0-0  Town

Thunder  0-0  Oldham

Raiders RL  0-0  Bears

Knights  0-0  Hunslet

Broncos  0-0  Rhinos

Bulldogs  0-0  Rams

Hornets  0-0  Rovers

Lions  0-0  Eagles

Centurions  0-0  Raiders

RFL Club Accreditation

Community clubs sit at the heart of Rugby League

Many provide fantastic opportunities to play the sport to a wide cross-section of their local community, in particular to children and young people.

RFL Club Accreditation has been designed to maintain minimum standards in clubs with children and young people.

Clubs with only adult teams can still receive RFL Club Accreditation, as many will have young people under the age of 18 at the club.

The standards set out in RFL Club Accreditation are also designed to encourage good practice from clubs, by becoming more open, welcoming and accessible to the local community.


As such, it is critical that clubs maintain minimum standards in management, quality, safety and accessibility for children and young people.

In order to support and recognise clubs who meet minimum standards, the RFL has re-launched Clubmark under the new name RFL Club Accreditation.

In achieving RFL Club Accreditation, clubs will continue to be recognised as having Clubmark status by Sport England.