14th October 2017, 20:04 | englandrl

Inside Camp: With Chris Heighington

Inside Camp: With Chris Heighington

Rugby-League.com: We’re back in camp and there seems to be a really good atmosphere with all the lads straight away.

Chris Heighington: Yeah, I enjoyed it when we played the mid-season Test against Samoa – it was a good idea to get everyone together before this big World Cup.

There’s a few new additions that I’ve got to know over the last few days and everyone’s made me feel really welcome.

I haven’t seen a closer group to be honest. Everyone hangs out with each other when you get free time and when you go to get lunch, everyone goes together. We’re one big team and it’s got quite a family feel.


RL: Have you been spending any time with the Super League boys?

CH: I like Chris Hill and roomed with him in the Samoa game – he’s a good character to be around. We get along and have a good laugh – he’s a champion bloke.

RL: You are the oldest member of the group – how is the body feeling?

CH: It’s feeling really good – I haven’t missed a game through injury in a fair while. I’m still enjoying playing and being around a good group makes it fun.

I just enjoy being around the boys and training but when that goes, I think I’ll finish up.

When you talk to people who retire, the team atmosphere is what they miss the most.


RL: You’ve been a lot closer to the build-up to the World Cup than most of the England team here in Australia. Have you noticed the excitement building around the Sydney area?

CH: I have, recently it’s started to really build up. There’s a lot of good players across a number of teams playing so it’s going to be a great tournament.

Andrew Fifita is going with Tonga so that strengthens them up and Samoa have got a really strong squad too so it’s going to be a really hard and tight competition.

Over last World Cups, you’d see a lot of 40-0 or 50-0 scorelines but I doubt very much you’ll be seeing that this year.

RL: Will you be coming up against many of your team-mates from Cronulla?

CH: There’s James Maloney and Valentine Holmes in the Australia team. Valentine is fast, carries well out of their end and always has an eye for a try.

Robbie Farah, an ex team-mate of mine at Wests, will be captaining Lebanon, they’ve got quite a good team.


RL: Will many of your family be coming to watch the England games?

CH: Yeah, my wife will be and my dad will hopefully be coming too, he’s really excited about it.

My brother loves it as well so there’ll probably be seven to ten of my family coming to watch us.