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Thunder  98-6   Raiders RL  FT

Doncaster  44-32  Town  FT

Cougars  24-22  Crusaders  FT

Knights  32-14  Whitehaven  FT

Bulls  52-7  Stags  FT

Halifax  6-34  Rhinos  FT

Eagles  22-24  Raiders  FT

Lions  18-34  Rovers  FT

Centurions  16-30  Bulldogs  FT

Hornets  26-22  Rams  FT

14th September 2017, 13:19 | disciplinary

Disciplinary: One player charged

Disciplinary: One player charged

Following Round 6 in the Championship shield and League 1 Super 8s, the Match Review panel have issued the below charge;

Hakim Miloudi (Doncaster) - Grade F Spitting (EGP not available)