What is Wheelchair RL?

Wheelchair Rugby League is an adaptation of the running game, with the aim to include any participant who is physically disabled or non-disabled to take part in a welcoming and inclusive environment.  

Initially, training takes place at a community or foundation club level. Competitions would be in a festival environment were playing opportunities include multiple short games in the one venue.  

Players can continue at a community level, play in national leagues or aspire to play at a representative level. This would involve a higher-level competitive playing opportunity with fixtures several times every year.  

Overall, the aim is to have fun and develop a lifelong love of the sport. 

How to Play

Wheelchair RL is played on a 46m X 20m court and is a five-a-side version of Rugby League. Teams include three physically disabled players and two non-disabled players. All players must play in a Sports Wheelchair.  

Each game lasts 80-minutes (2 x 40-minute halves).  

More information available in documents section at the bottom of this page.

Player Registration

The collection of data from each Inclusion Rugby League offer is critical to measuring the impact of the activity and how it can be shaped to deliver the best possible experience for all. We have made it as quick and simple as possible for players to register, so it would take no longer than a few minutes.

It is essential that every player must register via the below link specific to Wheelchair RL players. New players and returning players can use the same link


Coach Wheelchair RL

Learn Coaching principles and ethics in wheelchair rugby league, how to plan, deliver & review coaching sessions.

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The Wheelchair RL Management Group:

  • Martin Coyd OBE - Chairman -
  • Steve Abel - Referee Coordinator -
  • John McMullen - RFL Rep -
  • Chris Godfrey – RFL Rep -