The RFL have the obligation to investigate any potential breach of the RFL Operational Rules. Initial complaints are sent to the RFL’s Compliance Manager who then has 4 options, firstly, to decide that there is no case to answer, secondly to instruct a Compliance Investigator to make enquires into the matter, thirdly to find the club/individual guilty and hand down a punishment, or finally to refer a more serious breach of the Operational Rules to the Operational Rules Tribunal.

Once the Compliance Investigator has completed his/her report ,the Compliance Manager will then decide whether there is no case to answer, to find the club/individual guilty or to refer the breach to the Operational Rules Tribunal.

The Operational Rules Tribunal consist of a three person Panel which is chaired by a person from a legal background  (i.e. a Judge) and the two side members are normally former players, referees, coaches or senior administrators, all of whom are independent of any club association. The Tribunal’s constitution is based upon the principles of the English legal system and the principles of natural justice, and uses the concept of comfortable satisfaction as its basis for the findings of guilt.

The club/individual have the right to attend the hearing and to call any witnesses they wish to give evidence. Clubs/individuals also have a right of appeal which would be heard by a different Tribunal. The Appeals Tribunal would rehear the case and could reduce, maintain or increase any punishment originally handed down.

If you wish to report an alleged breach of the RFL's Operational Rules, please call the Operations Department (0844 477 7113 option 6) or email reception@rfl.uk.com.