The decision on whether a player should be charged with misconduct is made by the Match Review Panel (the “Panel”).

The Panel is made up of the Compliance Manager (who chairs the Panel) and usually 3 side members drawn from people with appropriate expertise (such as former players, referees and coaches).

  • In relation to each round of Super League matches (or Challenge Cup matches involving Super League teams), each match is reviewed in full by a member of the Panel to identify incidents which should be considered by the Panel. These incidents are then considered by the Panel on the Monday morning following that Round and the Panel decide what action should be taken in relation to the relevant player(s).
  • In relation to each round of Championship matches, iProSport Cup or Challenge Cup matches solely involving Championship teams, the Panel meet on the Thursday following the Round in question and consider any incidents that have been reported by Match Officials or otherwise brought to the attention of the Panel.

If a Club wishes to bring any incidents of alleged misconduct to the attention of the Panel they must notify the Compliance Manager by: (a) in the case of Super League Players, no later than 10.00am on the first working day after the incident; (b) in the case of Championship Players, no later than 12.00 noon on the Wednesday following the day on which the incident took place.

For a detailed description of how the RFL's Disciplinary process works, please see below document to download the On Field Compliance & Sentencing Guidelines.

Official Disciplinary Cases

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Name Club Match Date Decision Case Number Action
Chris Houston Widnes 24/07/2016 No charge ON/642/16 View Details
Jamie Soward Halifax 24/07/2016 No charge ON/643/16 View Details
Josh Barlow Swinton 24/07/2016 No charge ON/644/16 View Details
Jon Davies Featherstone 24/07/2016 No charge ON/645/16 View Details
Tim Spears Featherstone 24/07/2016 No charge ON/646/16 View Details
Phil Joy Oldham 24/07/2016 No charge ON/647/16 View Details
Jarrod Sammut Workington 24/07/2016 No charge ON/648/16 View Details
Michael Ward Oldham 24/07/2016 Charge ON/649/16 View Details
Josh Barlow Swinton 24/07/2016 No charge ON/650/16 View Details
Aaron Teroi Newcastle Thunder 24/07/2016 No charge ON/651/16 View Details
Kieran Hyde Gloucestershire All Golds 24/07/2016 No charge ON/652/16 View Details
Joe Brown Newcastle Thunder 24/07/2016 No charge ON/653/16 View Details
Danny Morrow Barrow 24/07/2016 Charge ON/654/16 View Details
Ryan Maneely Rochdale 24/07/2016 No charge ON/655/16 View Details
Danny Price Coventry 24/07/2016 Charge ON/657/16 View Details
Jack Smith Oxford 24/07/2016 No charge ON/658/16 View Details
Sebastine Ikahihifo Huddersfield 23/07/2016 No charge ON/636/16 View Details
Constantine Mika Toulouse 23/07/2016 No charge ON/656/16 View Details
Carl Ablett Leeds 22/07/2016 No charge ON/624/16 View Details
James Greenwood Hull KR 22/07/2016 No charge ON/625/16 View Details
Dan Sarginson Wigan 22/07/2016 No charge ON/626/16 View Details
Willie Isa Wigan 22/07/2016 No charge ON/627/16 View Details
Lee Mossop Wigan 22/07/2016 No charge ON/628/16 View Details
Matty Fleming St Helens 22/07/2016 No charge ON/629/16 View Details
Frank-Paul Nuuausala Wigan 22/07/2016 No charge ON/630/16 View Details
Frank-Paul Nuuausala Wigan 22/07/2016 Charge ON/631/16 View Details
Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook St Helens 22/07/2016 No charge ON/632/16 View Details
Gareth Ellis Hull FC 22/07/2016 No charge ON/634/16 View Details
Adam Walne Salford 22/07/2016 No charge ON/635/16 View Details
Jon Molloy Wakefield 22/07/2016 No charge ON/637/16 View Details
Tinirau Arona Wakefield 22/07/2016 No charge ON/638/16 View Details
Matt Cook Castleford 22/07/2016 No charge ON/639/16 View Details
Jordan Crowther Wakefield 22/07/2016 No charge ON/640/16 View Details
Gadwin Springer Castleford 22/07/2016 No charge ON/641/16 View Details
Brett Ferres Leeds 21/07/2016 No charge ON/622/16 View Details
James Segeyaro Leeds 21/07/2016 No charge ON/623/16 View Details
Tom Symonds Huddersfield 17/07/2016 No charge ON/597/16 View Details
Rangi Chase Castleford 17/07/2016 No charge ON/601/16 View Details
Ben Crooks Castleford 17/07/2016 Charge ON/602/16 View Details
Kurt Haggerty Bradford 17/07/2016 No charge ON/610/16 View Details
Lewis Palfrey Oldham 17/07/2016 No charge ON/611/16 View Details
Karl Olstrum Workington 17/07/2016 Charge ON/612/16 View Details
Jacob Fairbank Halifax 17/07/2016 No charge ON/613/16 View Details
Ian Hardman Featherstone 17/07/2016 No charge ON/614/16 View Details
Jason Crookes Dewsbury 17/07/2016 No charge ON/615/16 View Details
Stuart Littler Swinton 17/07/2016 Charge ON/616/16 View Details
Josh Barlow Swinton 17/07/2016 No charge ON/617/16 View Details