On-field Discipline

The decision on whether a player should be charged with On-Field Misconduct is made by the RFL's Match Review Panel.

Cases are heard by the independent Operational Rules Tribunal.

For a summary of the disciplinary process for on-field incidents, CLICK HERE.

Off-field discipline

All clubs and participants involved in Rugby League are bound by the Operational Rules.

These include rules relating to the Salary Cap, social media, player registrations and fixture fulfilment amongst other areas.

For a summary of the disciplinary process for off-field incidents, CLICK HERE.

Official Disciplinary Cases

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Name Club Match Date Decision Case Number Action
Benjamin Garcia Catalans 26/03/2017 No charge ON/251/17 View Details
Matt Cook Castleford 26/03/2017 Caution ON/252/17 View Details
George Williams Wigan 24/03/2017 No charge ON/242/17 View Details
Liam Forsyth Wigan 24/03/2017 No charge ON/243/17 View Details
Albert Kelly Hull FC 24/03/2017 No charge ON/244/17 View Details
Joel Tomkins Wigan 24/03/2017 No charge ON/245/17 View Details
Brad Dwyer Warrington 24/03/2017 No charge ON/246/17 View Details
Jon Wilkin St Helens 24/03/2017 No charge ON/247/17 View Details
Danny Brough Huddersfield 24/03/2017 Charge ON/253/17 View Details
Carl Ablett Leeds 24/03/2017 No charge ON/254/17 View Details
Sebastine Ikahihifo Huddersfield 24/03/2017 No charge ON/255/17 View Details
Ben Murdoch-Masila Salford 24/03/2017 No charge ON/256/17 View Details
Jack Buchanan Widnes 24/03/2017 No charge ON/257/17 View Details
Macgraff Leuluai Widnes 24/03/2017 No charge ON/258/17 View Details
Matty Ashurst Wakefield 23/03/2017 No charge ON/248/17 View Details
Gareth Hock Leigh 23/03/2017 No charge ON/249/17 View Details
Jamie Acton Leigh 23/03/2017 No charge ON/250/17 View Details
Jesse Sene-Lefao Castleford 19/03/2017 No charge ON/213/17 View Details
Ben Flower Wigan 19/03/2017 No charge ON/220/17 View Details
Willie Isa Wigan 19/03/2017 No charge ON/221/17 View Details
Kruise Leeming Huddersfield 19/03/2017 No charge ON/222/17 View Details
Sam Powell Wigan 19/03/2017 No charge ON/223/17 View Details
Kyle Briggs Featherstone 19/03/2017 No charge ON/224/17 View Details
Alexander Mammone Halifax 19/03/2017 No charge ON/225/17 View Details
Ben Cockayne Hull KR 19/03/2017 No charge ON/226/17 View Details
Lewis Palfrey Rochdale 19/03/2017 No charge ON/227/17 View Details
Ryan Morgan St Helens 18/03/2017 No charge ON/207/17 View Details
Brayden Williame Catalans 18/03/2017 No charge ON/208/17 View Details
Reece Boxall Hunt Huddersfield 18/03/2017 No charge ON/228/17 View Details
Oliver Partington Wigan 18/03/2017 Charge ON/229/17 View Details
Adam Rooks City of Hull Academy 18/03/2017 Charge ON/230/17 View Details
Thomas Doyle Bradford 18/03/2017 No charge ON/231/17 View Details
Daniel Coates Newcastle 18/03/2017 No charge ON/232/17 View Details
Carl Ablett Leeds 17/03/2017 No charge ON/209/17 View Details
Tinirau Arona Wakefield 17/03/2017 No charge ON/210/17 View Details
Jacob Miller Wakefield 17/03/2017 No charge ON/211/17 View Details
Danny Kirmond Wakefield 17/03/2017 Charge ON/212/17 View Details
Chris Houston Widnes 17/03/2017 No charge ON/218/17 View Details
Lloyd White Widnes 17/03/2017 No charge ON/219/17 View Details
Ben Westwood Warrington 16/03/2017 No charge ON/207/17 View Details
Glenn Stewart Leigh 16/03/2017 Charge ON/214/17 View Details
Andre Savelio Warrington 16/03/2017 No charge ON/215/17 View Details
Tom Lineham Warrington 16/03/2017 Charge ON/216/17 View Details
Andre Savelio Warrington 16/03/2017 No charge ON/217/17 View Details
Harry Boyes Leeds 16/03/2017 Charge ON/233/17 View Details
Callum McLelland Castleford 16/03/2017 Charge ON/234/17 View Details