Postponements U9s

07/03/2017 Hemsworth Dragons Bramley/Birkenshaw 12/03/2017 Coach availability
21/03/2017 Bramley Garforth/Wibsey 26/03/2017 Player availability
27/03/2017 Shaw Cross East Leeds 09/04/2017 1st PP for season
28/03/2017 Acorn Keighley 02/04/2017 Coach availability
28/03/2017 Newsome Panthers West Bowling 02/04/2017 Player availability
04/04/2017 Methley Whinmoor 09/04/2017 Player availability
04/04/2017 Birkenshaw Upton 09/04/2017 No TLM available
06/04/2017 Cowling Harlequins Elland 09/04/2017 Game default incorrect procedure
18/04/2017 Normanton Knights Cas Panthers 23/04/2017 Player availability
25/04/2017 Boothtown Terriors Wyke 30/04/2017 Tour de Yorkshire
24/04/2017 Eastmoor Dragons Moorends 30/04/2017 Coach availability
20/04/2017 Upton Birstall Victoria 21/05/2017 Magic Weekend
23/04/2017 Eastmoor Dragons Dewsbury Moor 23/04/2017 RTA on way to venue
25/04/2017 Newsome Panthers Cowling Harlequins 30/04/2017 Tour de Yorkshire
30/04/2017 Siddal Cutsyke 14/052017 Rhinos Challenge
30/04/2017 Keighley Cas Panthers 14/05/2017 Rhinos Challenge
07/05/2017 Guiseley Normanton 14/05/2017 Rhinos Challenge
07/05/2017 Normanton Guiseley 14/05/2017 Rhinos Challenge
07/05/2017 Farnley Falcons Upton 14/05/2017 Rhinos Challenge
07/05/2017 Bramley Hemsworth 14/05/2017 Rhinos Challenge
08/05/2017 Lindley Swifts Cas Panthers 14/05/2017 Rhinos Challenge
09/05/2017 Whinmoor Emley 14/05/2017 Rhinos Challenge
16/05/2017 Batley Boys New Earswick 21/05/2017 Magic Weekend
16/05/2017 Leeds Underdogs Birkenshaw 21/05/2017 Magic Weekend
16/05/2017 Garforth Tigers Keighley Albion 21/05/2017 Magic Weekend
16/05/2017 Lock Lane Drighlington 21/05/2017 Magic Weekend
16/05/2017 Cowling Harlequins Hemsworth Dragons 11/06/2017 Coach Availability
17/05/2017 Birkenshaw New Earswick AB 21/05/2017 Game default 2nd PP in first half of season
29/05/2017 Moorends Bramley 04/06/2017 League PP
02/06/2017 Lindley Swifts Cowling 04/06/2017 Game default late PP via text 02/06
03/06/2017 Hemsworth Dewsbury Moor 04/06/2017 Game default late PP
01/06/2017 Bronte Barbarians Eastmoor Dragons 04/06/2017 Game default game not confirmed following correct procedure
07/06/2017 East Leeds Heworth 11/06/2017 Game default late PP and unable to PP for curtain raiser
14/06/2017 Hunslet Warriors Cutsyke 18/06/2017 Game default late PP and no paperwork
14/06/2017 Moorends Sheffield Hawks 18/06/2017 League PP
15/06/2017 Leeds Underdogs New Earswick 18/06/2017 Game default late PP and no paperwork submitted
19/06/2017 Stanley Rangers Eastmoor Dragons 25/06/2017 Coach availability
19/06/2017 Swillington Oulton 25/06/2017 Coach availability
20/06/2017 Moorends Thornhill Trojans 25/06/2017 Player availability


25.1 Teams will be allowed to postpone 2 league fixtures (1 in each half of the season) and this must not be against the same team.

25.2 If a postponement is not used in the first half of the season it cannot be carried over to the second half.

25.3 Any team wishing to postpone a league fixture or other organised game shall make the application on the correct Official Request Form not later than 9pm on Tuesday preceding the fixture.  The form must be with the Fixture Secretary and Fixture Co-ordinator to count (this can be done electronically).  If it fails to do so then it shall be fined £10 and forfeit the match to the opposing team with a score of 18-0 against.