25th January 2017, 11:42 | englandrl

England Wheelchair RL are back in training!

England Wheelchair RL are back in training!

"We are talking nothing else other than coming home as world champions."

England Wheelchair Rugby League side returned back to training this week, following the Christmas and New Year break.

England will be looking to regain the World Cup after they won the inaugural World Cup in 2008; competition for places is getting intense. But according to joint Head Coach Martyn Gill, this will help get the best out of his players.

"We've blown a few cobwebs away today.

"It's great to get everyone back together again, and we are all really excited about the next few months. We are talking nothing else than coming home as World Champions, it's all about hard work and making sure that we are on point and ready to go by July."

"I'm a massive believer in creating competition for places. We want everyone to turn up to every session and working for that shirt. I feel it creates the right environment for us coaches, we are going to get that intensity when everyone turns up and knowing that not everyone is guaranteed a place."

England are looking to regain the World Cup title they won in 2008

Ten places are up for grabs for the World Cup trip in July

"We are talking nothing else other than coming home as world champions."

England's next training camp takes place at St George's Park in February

Joint Head Coach Mark Roughsedge was impressed with what he saw from the players in the training session.

"We are on the next phase on our four year plan in regards to winning back the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup.

"It's important we set the standards today; there were a few bruises out there today, but we are really impressed with what we have seen today and we are hoping to continue and keep raising the bar.

England’s next training camp is in February when the squad visit St. George’s Park, the home training camp of the England national football team. Mark explained the importance of the trip to improve the squad.

“We as a team are really looking forward to going there. Obviously the national football team use it and the national Rugby League team have used it in the past. So it’s great to have access to facilities like that and it will help us raise the standards even more being in an environment like that.”