Masters remember Paul Gamble

3rd May 2017, 15:35


Masters remember Paul Gamble

Blackpool Masters hosted their good friends from Crosfields Masters in the Paul Gamble Memorial match with Masters from Wigan St Judes, Ossett and Siddal joining in the game.

Paul Gamble played for Blackpool Borough and was a stalwart at Blackpool Masters, playing for Great Britain against the 2010 touring Australian Masters.

Paul's heritage number 44 was proudly worn by his wife, Angie.

The day started with Green shorts being presented to Crosfields' John Heritage (no.65) as the 70-year-old was about to enter the field.

John Heritage receives his green shorts

Paul Gamble during his days at Blackpool Borough


John had a superb game with a clever try assist and what seemed to be dozens of tackles!

Everyone enjoyed the day and all rested their tired bodies in the bar after the game for the usual conversation and court where a number of 'Masters' misdemeanours were adjudicated by the Judge.

The day raised £400 for the Charity in memory of Paul.

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