Masters player's life saved by defibrillator

14th March 2017, 11:30


Masters player's life saved by defibrillator

'Masters Family'

The Yorkshire Masters Clubs festival at Methley Warriors was halted at the end of only one round of games after York Lokos' red shorter Terry Lofthouse collapsed with a heart attack during play.

Quick reactions and work by fellow Masters and spectators managed to revive him.

Fortunately, Methley Warriors is a Rugby League club with a defibrillator - from the Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund.


The local ambulance and Yorkshire Air Ambulance both arrived quickly and crews stabilised Terry before he was flown to Leeds General Infirmary.

The latest news (Tuesday) is that Terry has had stents fitted and was transferred last night from the Leeds General Infirmary to York.

All the eight teams present agreed to halt all further play on the day and stood to applaud as Terry was taken to the ambulance. It was also decided that the surplus monies from the festival should be donated to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

"The day's events proved once again the value of defibrillators as life saving devices at Rugby League clubs," said Masters administrator, Paul Field.

"The thanks of all Masters go to the four individuals - you know who you are - who battled hard and saved Terry's life on the pitch.

"We are all Masters together!"