Five players banned

14th February 2017, 17:19


Five players banned

Josh Casey (Keighley Cougars) pleaded not guilty but was found guilty of a Grade D Dangerous Throw in the 52nd minute of Keighley's game against Barrow Raiders on 5th February. He has recieved a four game ban and £75 fine.

The following players have taken the option of the Early Guilty Plea:

  •  Albert Kelly (Hull FC) – 1 game ban
  • Paul McShane (Castleford Tigers) – 1 game ban
  • Benjamin Garcia (Catalan) – no ban
  • Adam Tangata (Halifax) – 1 game ban
  • James Dandy (North Wales Crusaders) – no ban
  • Matt Davies (North Wales Crusaders) – 1 game ban
  • Ashley Bateman (South Wales Ironmen) – no ban
  • Lewis Reece (South Wales Ironmen) – no ban