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Inside Camp: With Jermaine McGillvary

Inside Camp: With Jermaine McGillvary

RL: Wayne Bennett is into his second year in charge now and once you get to know him he’s quite a likable fella isn’t he?

JM: Everyone thinks he’s just like he is portrayed in the media but he’s a completely different person to that. He sits on the back of the bus with the boys and we share stories with him and he shares stories with us.

He’s a guy all the boys want to play for and his man management is second to none and his coaching style is excellent.

RL: The Four Nations last year didn’t go completely to plan – what does Wayne expect from us this year and what does he expect us to put right?

JM: After that defeat to Australia, we had a good talk in the changing room for a good half hour to an hour. We thought we didn’t start too bad – we matched them but we got complacent and got bored of going through the processes and we tried to invent things up whilst the Australians stuck to their game plan and ground us down.

If you want to beat the best teams in the world, you have to stick to your game plan and grind these teams down, which I don’t think we did in that Four Nations match.

It was a poor tournament – the minimum we expected to get to was the final and we didn’t even do that so it was a really big disappointment but hopefully we can fix that at this World Cup and do even better.

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RL: This is your first World Cup and we’re playing in a country where it’s the national sport – has that hit home with you yet?

JM: It has but that kind of thing doesn’t really phase me. We’re all going out there to entertain and perform. We’re all going out on the biggest stage and if you can’t get up for a World Cup, you won’t be able to get up for anything.

It is a big thing though and when I retire, and look back and say wow, I got to play in a World Cup. But I take everything in my stride and don’t get too over-awed by things because if that happens, people tend to crumble and that’s not me.

Whether it’s a Super League game at the bottom or top of the table, or whether I’m playing for my country, I just take things in my stride.


RL: You’ve scored a try in every game you’ve played for England, is that Stat going to play on your mind going to the World Cup.

JM: I’d trade any try for a victory, I want to win something for my country. It’s a good stat to have but at the end of the day, I’m all about victories.