Rhinos  24-26  Hull  FT

Broncos  32-12  Saints  FT

Red Devils  40-14  Catalans  FT

Tigers  27-18  Wolves  FT

Knights  25-24  Bulls  FT

Rams  28-28  Halifax  FT

Rovers  50-6  Hornets  FT

Centurions  48-12  Bulldogs  FT

Lions  30-12  Raiders  FT

Vikings  10-4  Wolfpack

Crusaders  0-30  Doncaster  FT

Town  52-4  Cougars  FT

Keighley Cougars V West Wales Raiders RL

League 1 - Round: 16

Cougar Park

Sun 14th Jul 2019
KO: 15:00

19 Man Squads

Keighley Cougars

Squad to be announced shortly

West Wales Raiders RL

Phil Cowburn

Samuel BAKER

Archie Snook

Ashley Bateman

Rowland KAYE

Steven Parry

Tyler Hunt

Dalton Desmond-Walker

Mitchell Shaw

Sam Herron

Daniel Maiden

Gioele Celerino

Morgan Evans

Macauley HARRIS

Alan Pope

Aneurin Walker

Callum Mulkeen

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