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13th July 2017, 16:02 | disciplinary

Disciplinary: 18 players charged

Disciplinary: 18 players charged

Following last weekend's Kingstone Press Championship and League 1 action, the following players have been charged by the Match Review Panel:


Ben Blackmore (Sheffield) Grade C Dangerous Contact (EGP available)

James Brown (Batley) Grade A Dangerous Throw (EGP available)

James Davy (Batley) Grade A Dangerous Throw (EGP available)

Macauley Hallett (Dewsbury) Grade B Foul and abusive language towards a Match Official (EGP available)

Joel Gibson (Hunslet) Grade D Dangerous Throw (EGP not available)

Lewis Reed (Hunslet) Grade B Punching (EGP available)

Lameck Juma (Skolars) Grade B Punching (EGP not available)

Michael Greenhalgh (Skolars) Grade B Punching (EGP available)

Matthew While (Barrow) Grade B Punching (EGP available)

Jordan Paul Siddons (Oxford) Grade B Punching (EGP available)

Casey Canterbury (Oxford) Grade B Punching (EGP available)

Tommy Newbould (Oxford) Grade C Punching (EGP available)

Davey Dixon (Keighley) Grade A High Tackle (EGP not available)

Brendan Rawlins (Keighley) Grade A Striking (EGP available)

Brad Nicholson (Keighley) Grade C Punching (EGP not available)

Neil Cherryholme (Keighley – coaching staff) Grade A Foul language towards a Match Official (EGP available)

Tom Curwen (Workington) Grade A Other Contrary Behaviour (EGP available)

Marcus Elliot (Hemel) Grade C Dangerous Throw (EGP available)


One player received a caution:

Jono Smith (Rochdale) - Other Contrary Behaviour