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Trinity  44-22  Vikings  FT

  58-22  Lions  FT

Hornets  14-48  Toulouse

Halifax  38-12  Bulldogs

Rams  6-52  Centurions

Town  60-12  Stags  FT

Thunder  46-12  Bears  FT

Hunslet  16-12  Oldham  FT

Cougars  14-46  Knights  FT

Bulls  28-14  Doncaster

18th May 2017, 19:22 | disciplinary

DISCIPLINARY: Four players charged

DISCIPLINARY: Four players charged

Four players have been charged by the Match Review Panel following last weekend's games:

  • Shane Grady (Halifax) - Grade B Tripping (EGP available)
  • Mike Emmett (Keighley) - Grade A Strands on opponent (EGP not available)
  • Sean Kelly (Keighley) - Grade D Other Contrary Behaviour (EGP not available)
  • Lamont Bryan (London Skolars) - Grade B Tripping (EGP not available)